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Agnieszka Pluto-Prądzyńska foto

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my great pleasure to invite you on June 2, 2023 to participate in the 1st Scientific Conference “Lifestyle Medicine for Longevity. Blue Zones inspiration”, which will be held at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Poznan, Poland

The conference will introduce two research areas: Lifestyle Medicine and healthy aging. We are honored to host distinguished speakers who are recognized specialists in their fields. We welcome the option of free participation for medical students, to which you, as participants, will also contribute.

Robert Kelly foto The Lifestyle Medicine session will bring together some very interesting lectures. It will be opened with a lecture by Dr. Robert Kelly, a cardiologist, and will present the idea in practice. He will also lead a workshop dedicated to changing habits for better health.

Michel Poulain foto The session on longevity will be opened by Prof. Michel Poulain, the founder of the initiative and the name 'Blue Zones', meaning Zones of Centenarians. He will present the idea and research tools, taking us on a magical journey to places where people live to 100 years and beyond in good health. In a panel discussion we will learn what we can learn from centenarians.

Ioan Hanes foto Dr. Ioan Hanes, vice-president of ELMO, will show how to conduct Lifestyle Medicine consultations during the workshop.

You are invited to come to Poznan on June 2, 2023 to meet all our great speakers live.

Agnieszka Pluto-Prądzyńska
Initiator and organizer of the Conference

I welcome this scientific event from Poznan University of Medical Sciences.

The contribution of Lifestyle Medicine to longevity is very important.

Ιt is not enough to just extend life expectancy, but as health professionals we should also take care of the quality of health. Τhe pillars of Lifestyle Medicine contribute to this direction.

European Lifestyle Medicine Organization (ELMO) supports the event, and I wish you success in organizing it.

Ioannis Arkadianos MD
President - European Lifestyle Medicine Organization (ELMO)

Daniel Śliż
President - Polish Society of Lifestyle Medicine (PSLM)

updated: 2023-06-01